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Excursions to Lítla Dímun

Lítla Dímun is the smallest island in the Faroe Islands and the only island, which is not inhabited. Only sheep and birds live on the islands. The land and the sheep on Lítla Dímun belong to people from Hvalba and Sandvík, which are villages on Suðuroy, the large island near Lítla Dímun.

It is very exotic to visit Lítla Dímun, because it is only possible once or twice every year, if you are not from Hvalba. It has become a popular trip for Faroe people, but very few foreigners know about this opportunity, or perhaps they are too late to book this trip. In 2009 there were two trips for tourists (Faroese or foreigners), only one of the visitors came from abroad, the rest were from the Faroe Islands. The island is very steep, so people who go on this trip must not be afraid of heights and they must be in rather good shape. It is an excursion for adventurous people. There are no houses on Lítla Dímun, only three cottages.

Sunset-Sunrise Excursion to Lítla Dímun
In June there use to be an excursion to Lítla Dímun around midsummer (21. June), where the guests can enjoy the sunset and the sunrise (if the weather allows it). This is around the longest day, so the nights are light, it doesn't get dark at all. Shortly after the sunset, the sun will rise again. It can get cold at night, even if the weather is good, so it is best to wear warm clothing and bring a sleeping bag. Remember to wear good shoes too! The trip starts in Hvalba, where the smack Johanna TG-326 will bring us out to Lítla Dímun. There is no harbor there, so a traditional Faroese wooden boat will bring us from Johanna and to Lítla Dímun. We will climb up the hill; there is a wire to hold on to a part of the way. It gets less steep further up. We will enjoy ourselves on the top of Lítla Dímun, dance Faroese chain dance, sing Faroese songs etc. Alcohol is not permitted on Lítla Dímun, due to the risk of falling down, if people get drunk.

The next day we will climb back down again and, if you dare, you will rappel the last part of the journey down to the rock, where the boat will be waiting. It is done in the traditional Faroese way, which we call "síging" or the verb "at síga" (we don't pronounce the letter g in síga). It has been used for maybe 1000 years in order to catch birds, which live on the "shelves" in a vertical mountain sea cliff. The boat will sail us back to the smack Johanna, which will take us back to Hvalba.

Daytrip to Lítla Dímun in July 
Normally there is arranged a daytrip (if the weather permits it) to Lítla Dímun. This is a shorter trip, we will not stay the night, but go back again in the afternoon.

Price: 1500 DKK

Website: http://www.ldimun.com/

E-mail: ldimun@ldimun.com 


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