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Rappelling on Nordbergseidi west of Hvalba in Suduroy

Síging is the Faroese word for the traditional Faroese way of rappelling. In the old days síging was deadly serious, men used it in order to catch sea birds or their eggs, but always in a sustainable way. They didn't use safety helmets in the past, but for this event you will use a helmet and get a strong belt around you and a stong line fasten on it.

Some men from the village Hvalba started in 2009 to offer "Síging" or rappelling for tourists. It is a great experience most people say who have tried it. You get the chance to try this and to rapell down along the coastline of Norðbergseiði west of Hvalba. It is a beautiful place with vertical cliffs. There are 40-50 metres down to a cliff below, where the boat Tornado is waiting for you, if the weather alloves it and if you wish a boat trip too. When the boat is full or when all of you who do the rappelling are in the boat you will go for a boat trip to the other Eiði in Hvalba, the southern one, which is called Fiskieiði. The men from Síging will transport you back to your car, if you came by car. You can buy a photo, which we will take while you rapell. (It is not included in the price).

If the weather does not allow the boat trip, than you can still try the rappelling down to the cliff below and after that we pull you up again.

Price for rapelling only: 300 DKK.

Price for rapelling and boat trip to Fiskieiði: 400 DKK.

Price for the photo is 50 DKK. 

For further info or for signing up, please contact Rúni Thomsen, phone +298 237575 or send an e-mail to siging@siging.info.

Website: www.siging.info 

Síging on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=119747574719745

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Santa Claus is rappeling in Hvalba
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