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Taxi, Minibus and Rent a Car in Suduroy
When travelling in Suðuroy, it is a great idea to bring your own car or rent a car at the local car rentals. 
Regarding public transport (buses), there are two bus-lines in Suðuroy, No. 700, which runs between Sumba and Tvøroyri (southern Suðuroy) and bus line 701, which runs from Fámjin to Sandvík (northern Suðuroy), the itinerary is available here: www.ssl.fo

It is also possible to rent a car or bus in Suðuroy. Please see the table below.
Its features include possibility to rent a taxi and be driven to the most beautiful nature experiences on the island. Or if you want to discover the island on your own, there are rental cars available. Call one of the local taxi drivers or local car-rental for more information about price and specialized tours.

Navn Telefon Lýsing UK Region of operation
AH - Taxa.AH - Taxa227 228 / 226 228Taxi. Two cars.Taxi in Suðuroy
Fámjins Bygdaleið.Fámjins Bygdaleið+298 212324Famjins Bygdaleid has two busses, one is for 14 passengers and the other is for 19 passengers.Busses
Hilmar í Lágabø.Hilmar í Lágabø+298 573660TaxiTaxi in Suduroy
Jákup Lindenskov.Jákup Lindenskov222918TaxiTaxi
Kartni Fornagarð Taxa.Kartni Fornagarð Taxa+298 506888Mr. Kartni Fornargarð has a taxi for 6 persons and a mini bus for 16 persons. He lives in Hvalba.

More info and photos from Hvalba on the website: http://www.kartnif.dk/
Taxi and Bus
Ludvig ÍF Poulsen.Ludvig ÍF Poulsen+298 239550Busses for all needs, large and small ones. Give us a call.Bus and minibus
Magn støðin í Trongisvági.Magn støðin í Trongisvági+298 371466Car rental. Rent a Car in Suduroy.Rent a Car
MP Bussar.MP Bussar+298 226566Taxi bussesTaxi buss
Poul Kjærbech - Taxa.Poul Kjærbech - Taxa+298 282931Taxi for 5 persons. Minibus for 9-10 people.Taxi and minibus
Taxa-Minibus.Taxa-Minibus+298 215210 / 250350Taxi and minibus, room for 8 persons.Taxi and minibus
Taxi v/ Bjarki Túna Fjørdal.Taxi v/ Bjarki Túna Fjørdal+298 211418Taxi in SuðuroyTaxi


Price examples for taxi trips in Suðuroy are shown in the table below. The prices are from AH-Taxi, all prices are from Tvøroyri to other villages in Tvøroyri or inside Tvøroyri, Trongisvágur, Krambatangi and Froðba (0-10 minutes). The last price mentioned is the price per hour where ever you wish to go in Suðuroy.

From Tvøroyri to:

Rate, daytime

6:00-17:00 Mon.-Friday

Saturday and Sunday the day price is the same as the evening rate even in daytime.

Rate, evening


Rate, night


Trips in Tvøroyri 0-10 min.

  60 DKK

  70 DKK

  80 DKK


  90 DKK

100 DKK

110 DKK


150 DKK

180 DKK

210 DKK


160 DKK

190 DKK

220 DKK

Fámjin, Porkeri or Sandvík

200 DKK

240 DKK

280 DKK


260 DKK

300 DKK

340 DKK

Lopra or Akrar

320 DKK

360 DKK

400 DKK


360 DKK

420 DKK

480 DKK

Prices for taxi hire per. hour

300 DKK pr. hour

345 DKK pr. hour

390 DKK pr. hour

 The prices are from 2010 and include four persons. Extra for 5 pers. is 15%, extra for 6 pers. is +25% of the price.


The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Tvørávegur 37 - FO-800 Tvøroyri - tlf. +298 611080 - fax +298 371814. - infotvoroyri.fo
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Vágsvegur 30 - FO-900 Vágur - tlf. +298 733090 - fax +298 733001 - infovagur.fo
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