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Churches in Suðuroy - Faroes
Church, Suduroy, Faroeislands, Sandvik, Hvalba, Tvoroyri, Famjin, Hov, Porkeri, Porkere, Vagur, Sumba, Suðuroy, South Island, Foroyar, Faeroes, buildings, architecture, history
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Fámjins Kirkja.Fámjins KirkjaFámjin+298 611080The church of Fámjin was built in 1876. The first faroese flag is placed on the wall of the churt in Fámjin. This flag was made in 1919 by a young student from Fámjin Jens Oliver Lisberg and his friend Emil Joensen. The flag is called Merkið and was recognized as the Faroese flag in 1940, under the second world war.
Hovs Kirkja.Hovs KirkjaFO-960 Hov
Faroe Islands
+298 373804The church in Hov is a charming old wooden church. It was first built in the village Vágur in 1853. In 1939 the new church in Vágur was built, and this one was moved to Hov. It was ready in 1943, and it is still in use.
Hvalbiar Kirkja.Hvalbiar KirkjaFO-850 Hvalba
Faroe Islands
+298 375206The church of Hvalba is from 1935.
Porkeris Kirkja.Porkeris KirkjaFO-950 Porkeri+298 373185The church of Porkeri is a charming old wooden church, one of the oldest in the island of Suðuroy. The church was built in 1847.
Sandvíkar Kirkja.Sandvíkar KirkjaSandvík
Faroe Islands
The church of Sandvík has been moved two times. It was first built in Froðba in 1840. In 1856 it was moved to Tvøroyri and in 1908 it was moved to Sandvík.
Sumbiar Kirkja.Sumbiar KirkjaFO-970 SumbaThe church of Sumba was built in 1887.
Tvøroyrar Kirkja.Tvøroyrar KirkjaKirkjubrekkan
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 611080 (Kunningarstovan), 371047 (Jónsvein Bech)The church of Tvøroyri is an old Norwegian wooden church, which was built 1908. You can visit the church, please contact the Tourist Information in Tvøroyri for further information.
Vágs Kirkja.Vágs KirkjaVágsvegur 34
FO-900 Vágur
+298 373062/733090The church in Vágur was built in 1939.
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Tvørávegur 37 - FO-800 Tvøroyri - tlf. +298 611080 - fax +298 371814. - infotvoroyri.fo
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Vágsvegur 30 - FO-900 Vágur - tlf. +298 733090 - fax +298 733001 - infovagur.fo
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