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Joansoka - A Regional Festival in Suduroy

Jóansøka (Sct. John's Festival or Midsummer Festival) is the local festival in Suðuroy. Every second year it is held in Tvøroyri and every second year in Vágur. In 2009 it was in Tvøroyri.

Since 2005 there has been a music festival as well at the same time, but not every year, in 2008 there was no music festival in Suðuroy. In 2009 the Midsummer Festival was in Tvøroyri and the profit was for the Salt Silo in Drelnes near Tvøroyri. There is a project which plans to make the former Salt Silo into a Cultural Center.

The performing bands and singers at the Midsummer Festival 2009: 

Martin Joensen & Band
DJ Flemse
Lena & Niclas
Faroe 5
Jens Marni & Faktor 4
Guðrun Sólja Jacobsen & band
Brandur Enni & Band
Froðbiar Sóknar Blues Orkestur
Crawling Blue
Páll Finnur Páll
Terji Rasmussen






The photos on the page are from the top:

  • Brandur Enni (born and raised in Tvøroyri, lives in Sweden. Released his first album when he was 12 years old).
  • Guðrun Sólja Jacobsen (From Tvøroyri, lives in Denmark, won Danish Television's song competition "Stjerne for en aften" in 2005.
  • Crawling Blue with singer Uni Reinert Debess.
  • Faroe 5 - A Faroese Girl Band
  • Lena Anderssen - A Faroese-Canadian Singer and Songwriter
  • Frodbiar Soknar Blues Band - A Band from Suduroy
  • Faktor 4 with singer Jens Marni Hansen
  • Frændur - One of the most popular Faroese bands ever
  • Páll Finnur Páll - A Faroese Band
  • Eyðun Nolsøe and Steintór Rasmussen - Singers from the Faroese band Frændur
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