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Á Røðini vestanfyri Trongisvág.Á Røðini vestanfyri TrongisvágRøðin
(2 km from Sumba)
Ásmundarstakkur.ÁsmundarstakkurVestanfyri Sandvík
West of Sandvík
The sea stack Ásmundarstakkur is west of Sandvík, in the northern part of Suðuroy. A narrow road takes you all the way to this beautiful place. You can walk if you prefer.
Beinisvørð.BeinisvørðBeinisvørð is the second highest bird cliff in the Faroe Islands, the highest in Suðuroy. You can see the green "back" of Beinisvørð from the village Sumba. If you have a car, you can come close to the top of Beinisvørð by taking the former village road between Lopra and Sumba (now most people use only the tunnel). When you come to Hesturin, you can park your car and get out and enjoy the view. Of course you can walk, if you prefer. If you take the public bus, you might be able to persuade the driver to take the mountain road instead of the tunnel. If you wish to see Beinisvørð from a distance, you can drive or walk up to Eggjarnar south of Vágur, you find the road to the right after the Shell gas station in Vágur. It is possible to drive all the way up to Eggjarnar, and the view is absolutely worth a visit, it is breathtaking. Be careful not to go too far out, there is no fence for protection. You can also see Beinisvørð from Lopranseiði (only by feet from Ónavík near Lopra). Boat trips can be arranged, if the weather is good.
Bóndahúsið uttan ánna Museum.Bóndahúsið uttan ánna MuseumSandvík+298 611080This traditional old farmhouse is today a museum. Please call the Tourist Information in Tvøroyri if you wish to visit the museum.
Bygda- og sjóvinnusavnið á Tvøroyri.Bygda- og sjóvinnusavnið á TvøroyriDoktaragøta
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 611080
+298 254941
The Maritime and Village Museum of Tvøroyri is situated in the heart of Tvøroyri in the old Doctor’s House "Doktarahúsið". It was built to the first doctor in Suduroy in 1852. It was used as the doctor’s home and practice.
Eggjarnar.EggjarnarSunnanfyri Vág.Eggjarnar is a beautiful spot south of the village Vágur in Suduroy. Turn right just after the Magn petrol station on the south side of Vagsfjordur, the street is called Eggjarvegur, it is narrow but okay. You can go be feet, it is a beautiful walk, or you can go by car. There was a Loran Station on Eggjarnar ca. 40 years ago. The buildings are still there. From Eggjarnar there is a fantastic view to the west coast of Suduroy towards Beinisvord and Lopranseidi in the south and towards Vagseidi to the north.
(Near Vágur)
Fámjins Kirkja.Fámjins KirkjaFámjin+298 611080The church of Fámjin was built in 1876. The first faroese flag is placed on the wall of the churt in Fámjin. This flag was made in 1919 by a young student from Fámjin Jens Oliver Lisberg and his friend Emil Joensen. The flag is called Merkið and was recognized as the Faroese flag in 1940, under the second world war.
Gallarí Oyggin og Standmyndir.Gallarí Oyggin og StandmyndirSjógøta 184
FO-800 Tvøroyri


+298 371669Art Gallery, sculptures, beautiful garden and café.

Art Courses, lessons and exhibitions in the summer, more info http://www.kunstrejser.net/
Gamli Kongaligi Einahandilin - Museum, Pub og Kafé.Gamli Kongaligi Einahandilin - Museum, Pub og KaféHavnalagið
F-800 Tvøroyri

Havgríms grøv - The Grave of Havgrímur.Havgríms grøv - The Grave of HavgrímurHovIn Hovi you can find these stones on the grave of Havgrímur. He was killed in 970 in the island Stóra Dímun.
Havgríms steinur - The rock of Havgrímur.Havgríms steinur - The rock of HavgrímurThe stones of Havgrímur and of Leivur Øssurson are in Hov in Suðuroy. The stone of Havgrímur is standing, because he died fighting. Havgrímur was a Viking Chief.
Hovs Kirkja.Hovs KirkjaFO-960 Hov
Faroe Islands
+298 373804The church in Hov is a charming old wooden church. It was first built in the village Vágur in 1853. In 1939 the new church in Vágur was built, and this one was moved to Hov. It was ready in 1943, and it is still in use.
Hvalbiar Kirkja.Hvalbiar KirkjaFO-850 Hvalba
Faroe Islands
+298 375206The church of Hvalba is from 1935.
FO-850 Hvalba
Hvalbiareidi is also called Fiskieiði (Fiskieidi). Eiði is the Faroese word for Isthmus. The distance between the west and east coast in Hvalba is very short. There are two isthmuses in Hvalba, this is the southern one, the northern one is called Norðbergseiði or "Á Drátti". Hvalbiareidi used to be a fishing harbour. It is a natural harbour, but it has also been improved by human hand. It was made into a better harbour 100 years ago or so. Since the boats got engine, this harbour has lost its importance. Nowadays there are several trawlers in Hvalba, and they use only the harbour in the village on the east coast. This place is now mainly a tourist attraction. Used for boat trips and just for relaxation or BBQ evenings and other events.
Hvannhagi.Hvannhagi+298 611080Because of its location, Hvannhagi has some of the most beautiful and unusual nature on Suðuroy. The walking tour to Hvannhagi setts off from the end of the highest road in Tvøroyri, known as Hvalurin. You follow an old path across the mountain. When you reach the northern side of Suðuroy, you will have an amazing view of the two small islands, Lítla Dímun and Stóra Dímun. Following a steep, narrow path, you descend to the inland lake at Hvannhagi. The excursion is a little stenuous, but it really is worth the effort.
Kirkjuvatn.KirkjuvatnFámjinKirkjuvatn is a lake a little north of the village Fámjin on the west coast of Fámjin. It doesn't take long to walk to the lake from Fámjin. The word Kirkjuvatn means "The Lake of the Church".
Lítla Dímun.Lítla DímunLítla Dímun
Faroe Islands

Lítla Dímun is the smallest island in the Faroe Islands. It has no inhabitants and belongs to the people of Hvalba. Hvalba is a village in the northern part of the island Suðuroy. Some people from Hvalba go to Lítla Dímun several times every year, because they have sheep out there. Hvalbingar (people from Hvalba) call the island Oyggin, which means "The island". They also make guided tours for tourist. Lítla Dímun is absolutely unique and worth a visit. For more info please visit the website: www.litladimun.com
Lopranseiði.LopranseiðiLopranseiði (Lopranseidi) is west of Lopra. It is not far to walk from Ónavík, a place which is the bay just before the village Lopra, when you come from the village Vágur. Lopranseiði is a beautiful and quiet place. There is a fantastic view towards the west coast of Suðuroy and the birdcliff Beinisvord near Sumba. Lopransholmur is just west of Lopranseiði, there are many birds there in the summer.
Miðlatún.MiðlatúnVágsvegur 57
900 Vágur
+298 239391
+298 239390
Miðlatún is a tourist information center and a library located in the centre of Vágur, Suðuroy. There are shifting art exibitions every month with artists mainly from the island Suðuroy.
Parkin á Sandinum.Parkin á Sandinumá Sandinum
FO-900 Vágur
www.a-sandinum.comThe beautiful park "á Sandinum" invites you to saunter, comfort and serenity. The view to the town is great from the park.
Here it is the obvious choice to enjoy a cup of coffee or enjoy your nest.
Porkeris Bygdasavn.Porkeris BygdasavnFO-950 Porkeri+298 373176 / 266947 (Torgir) / 373850 (Magnus)Museum of local history. You can find old things from the agriculture and fishing boats. The museum is located in the old school of Porkeri, which was built in 1888. The building was used as school until 1984, when the new school was built. The old shcool, which now is museum, is situated opposite of the charming old wooden church of Porkeri.
Porkeris Kirkja.Porkeris KirkjaFO-950 Porkeri+298 373185The church of Porkeri is a charming old wooden church, one of the oldest in the island of Suðuroy. The church was built in 1847.
Ruth Smith Savnið.Ruth Smith SavniðVágsvegur 101
FO-900 Vágur
+298 221215/373455 (Ásgerð) +298 597368 (Sólrun), 573044 (Maud), 213500 (Sævar), +298 573874 (Jákup)Museum of Art. Here you can see an art collection of works by the famous artist Ruth Smith, who was born in Vágur in the year 1913.
Sandvíkar Kirkja.Sandvíkar KirkjaSandvík
Faroe Islands
The church of Sandvík has been moved two times. It was first built in Froðba in 1840. In 1856 it was moved to Tvøroyri and in 1908 it was moved to Sandvík.
Savnið á Mýri - Gallarí, Museum, Kafé.Savnið á Mýri - Gallarí, Museum, KaféStapavegur 1
FO-960 Hov


+298 254591
The Local Museum, Art and Community Centre in Hovi. You can find both a museum and modern art at the same time in this charming old building. This house has a history, which startes in another village in Suðuroy - Vágur, where the house was built.
The owners of The Museum and Fiskastovan arrange hiking trips to ancient historical sites of Hov.
Stabbagrót Froðba.Stabbagrót Froðba"Basaltstreet" in Frodba. This basalt has a special formation, which can be found in Suduroy in Froðba and near Hov.
Stabbagrót í Hovi.Stabbagrót í HoviHovsegg
Basalt formations above the village Hov.
Stóra Pakkhús - Mentanarhús og Sjósavn.Stóra Pakkhús - Mentanarhús og SjósavnOyrarvegur 7
FO-900 Vágur
+298 733090/210438Stóra Pakkhús is a cultural house in Vágur. In the old days it was a storage house, but now it is a maritime museum on the top floor, and a cosy café on the 1st floor. The café has conserts, lectures and other events. You may find information about when and what on these websites: www.storapakkhus.com, www.visitsuduroy.fo, www.kunning.fo or www.sudurras.com
Opening hours for the Maritime Museum: Tuesday-Thursday 9-11. Or by appointment with the Tourist Information.
Sumbiar Kirkja.Sumbiar KirkjaFO-970 SumbaThe church of Sumba was built in 1887.
Sumbiar sóknar bygdarsavn.Sumbiar sóknar bygdarsavn970 SumbaLocal museum and bird-museum.
Tvøroyrar Kirkja.Tvøroyrar KirkjaKirkjubrekkan
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 611080 (Kunningarstovan), 371047 (Jónsvein Bech)The church of Tvøroyri is an old Norwegian wooden church, which was built 1908. You can visit the church, please contact the Tourist Information in Tvøroyri for further information.
Vágs Bygdasavn, Vágur and World War II.Vágs Bygdasavn, Vágur and World War IIVágsvegur 101
FO-900 Vágur
Faroe Islands

Museum, Ship models of vessels from Vágur, which went shipwreack during World War II. Poul Niclassen made all 9 ship models. Open by appointment.
Vágs Kirkja.Vágs KirkjaVágsvegur 34
FO-900 Vágur
+298 373062/733090The church in Vágur was built in 1939.
Vágseiði.VágseiðiVágseidi is west of the village Vágur, which is the second largest village in Suðuroy. You can drive by car or bus all the way to Vágseiði and enjoy this beautiful place on Suduroy's west coast.
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Tvørávegur 37 - FO-800 Tvøroyri - tlf. +298 611080 - fax +298 371814. - infotvoroyri.fo
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Vágsvegur 30 - FO-900 Vágur - tlf. +298 733090 - fax +298 733001 - infovagur.fo
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