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Sumba and Akraberg


Sumba is the southernmost village in the island Suðuroy in the Faroes.

1st of Sep. 2008 Sumba municipality had 385 inhabitants. 258 of these people were living in Sumba. The other villages in the Municipality of Sumba are: Lopra (98 inns.), Akrar (28 inns.), Víkarbyrgi (1 inns.). Sumba is known for several things, i.e. its beauty, for the high bird cliff Beinisvørð and the skills of the local people regarding Faroese chain dance. They are very good dancers and have a long tradition for singing long songs along with the chain dance. Poul F. Joensen is a famous poet from Sumba.


Not far from Sumba is Akraberg, which is the southernmost cliff in the Faroes you can come to. There is a lighthouse there and a house. A few years ago, the lighthouse keeper was living there, but now no one is living there - except for birds and sheep that is. 


Beinisvørð is the second highest cliff in the Faroe Islands. You can see the back of Beinisvørð from Sumba. From the mountain Hesturin, you can see the other side of Beinisvørð, which is very picturesque and dramatic. The people from Sumba are used to catch birds in Beinisvørð every year. Some men have lost their lives because of Beinisvørð. You can drive to the best view of Beinisvørð by taking the old road from Lopra (instead of the tunnel).

All three photos on this page are taken by a Dane, who lives in Porkeri, Erik Christensen.





















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