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Restaurants, fastfoods etc. in Suðuroy (Suduroy, South Island)
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Bakkhús í Hvalba.Bakkhús í HvalbaSkálavegur 6
FO-850 Hvalba
+298 375436Grocery shop. Gas station. Accessories to cars. Gifts. Warm sausages/hot dogs etc.
Báran.BáranVágsvegur 109
900 Vágur
+298 272109Fast food restaurant which serves burgers, grilled chicken, frensh fries etc. Also take away. You can also order a cup of coffee and a cake or ice cream.
Cafe Art.Cafe ArtSjógøta 184
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 371669Art Gallery and café. The owner is Palle Juhlsgart. You can order white bread with salmon or shrimps from the café. It is recommended to order before your visit to the café and gallery.
Visit his website: www.oyggin.fo and www.lyset.info
Effo á Tvøroyri.Effo á TvøroyriTvøravegur 8
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 372232Shop, café and fastfood with pizza, sausages etc. Newspaper, magazines. Gas/petrol for cars and larger vehicles.
Effo Kiosk og Bensin/Diesel.Effo Kiosk og Bensin/DieselVágsvegur 85
900 Vágur
+298 374073Gas station. Mini shop. Magazins, Faroese news papers, mini pizza, french hotdog, bread etc. from the bakery. Accessories for cars.
Grillvognurin.Grillvognurinv/ Johannu Johansen
Tvørávegur 36
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 371652Traditional faroese fast-food, such as sausages, french fries, spring rolls, burgers etc. Take away only or eating while standing.
Hjá Jugga.Hjá JuggaGarðabrekka 2
FO-900 Vágur
+298 513216Café and bar. One can also buy excursions from Outdoor here. They make excursions in the Faroese nature. Fur further information, please visit their website: https://www.outdoor.fo/
Hotel Bakkin.Hotel BakkinVágsvegur 69
FO-900 Vágur
Faroe Islands
+298 37 39 61Hotel Bakkin - in the centre of Vágur. Hotel, restaurant and bar.

The restaurant is open every day from 10:00 to 21:00. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.
You can order pizza, durum, burgers, fish and chips, chicken and chips or steaks, either to eat in the restaurant or as take away.
Hotel Tvøroyri.Hotel TvøroyriMiðbrekkan 5
800 Tvøroyri
+298 371171Hotel, restaurant, pizza restaurant (downstairs) and bar.
Kaféin á Mýri.Kaféin á MýriStapavegur 1
FO-960 Hov
+298 370200 / 224751Café.
Kaffistovan og kioskin í Famjin.Kaffistovan og kioskin í FamjinFamjin

+298 372044 / 225201 / 372044Coffee Shop in beautiful Famjin, which is on the west coast of Suduroy. Enjoy the sunset, while sitting outside on the terrase. You can buy soft ice, coffee etc. The Shop is in a historical building, which is ca. 125 years old, it was established by the Mortensen family from Tvøroyri in the late 19th century as a grocery shop. Open most days in the late afternoon from may - sep. Please contact us, if you want to know excactly when it is open.
Matstovan í Høllini í Trongisvági.Matstovan í Høllini í Trongisvágiv/ Anita Farstad
Smærugøta 7
826 Trongisvágur
+298 282008Restaurant in the sportshall in Trongisvágur. There is camping outside. The restaurant is not open daily, but it is open for groups by appointment and when there are sport activies in the sports hall. For further information and for booking a meal for a group of people please call Anita Farstad on phone +298 282008.
Matstovan í Porkeri.Matstovan í PorkeriHólavegur 5
950 Porkeri
Pubbin - Gl.Kgl. Einahandilin.Pubbin - Gl.Kgl. EinahandilinHavnarlagið
FO-800 Tvøroyri
+298 371007Café and pub. In the weekends there often is live music. Please see their website: www.tfthomsen.com

Here it is possible to enjoy breakfast and a nice warm meal as well.

The owner has Seglloftið as well as the Pub. The two buildings are next to each other. Both buildings are historical, from the 18th century.
Seglloftið á Tvøroyri.Seglloftið á TvøroyriHavnarlagið 36
FO-800 Tvøroyri
Faroe Islands

(In the harbour of Tvøroyri)
371856Cultural Center. Café and bar. Conserts, dance, parties, lectures etc. Historical building. Opened as it is today in 2008. In the old days it was a storage building.
Stóra Pakkhús - Mentanarhús.Stóra Pakkhús - MentanarhúsFO-900 Vágur
Faroe Islands

373438/210438Café and bar. Consert, lecture etc. Old, cosy, historical building. Cultural Centre in Suðuroy.
Torgið - Handilsstaðið í Suðuroy.Torgið - Handilsstaðið í SuðuroyVágsvegur 62
FO-900 Vágur
+298 612096Shopping Centre with 6 shops and a café: Ground Floor: Supermarket/Grocery, Bakery shop/Convinience Shop with sandwiches etc. and a café (self service, the coffee maker is in the mini shop, the café tables are in the large hall to the left for the entrance). 1. Floor: Sirri with faroese knitwear. Zone - Homeware, Glassware, Kitchen Accessories, Bathroom Accessories etc and Hjá Jensu - childrens wear.
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Tvørávegur 37 - FO-800 Tvøroyri - tlf. +298 611080 - fax +298 371814. - infotvoroyri.fo
The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Vágsvegur 30 - FO-900 Vágur - tlf. +298 733090 - fax +298 733001 - infovagur.fo
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