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Excursions in Suduroy

For information about hiking trips arranged by the Tourist Information in Suðuroy, please choose the link on the left side of this page called: "Hiking".

Johanna TG326 - An old Smack from the 19th Century
Johanna TG-326 can take you trips to many places in Suðuroy and other places as well. There are no planned trips at the moment, but if you are a group, you can book a trip. You can also ask the Tourist Information, if there is a boat trip planned in the near future: e-mail: info@vagur.fo or phone: +298 733090. Johanna has a website, which is also in English: www.johanna.fo where you can read about the history, from the time she was built in Sussex in England until today. Contact person is Gudmund Jacobsen phone +298 374486 (after working hours) or +298 217310.

Rappelling on Norðbergseiði
It is done in the traditional Faroese way, which has been used when collecting eggs or birds in a sustainable way for centuries. It was called "síging" or "at síga". You will hang in a strong line and around 8 men will hold on to the line in the other end and gently let the line glide down along the steep mountain side. There are two options: Either they will pull you up again or you will land on the rock shelf down by the sea and enter the boat Tornado and go for sightseeing. Sometimes the rappelling is combined with a boat trip with Tornado of RIB62 and sometimes it is without the boat. 

Please see www.siging.info for more information and to make further arrangements.

Scorpion - One of the fastest speed boats in the Faroes
Sigurd Gudmundsson has a Formula1 racer boat named Scorpion, he can take you almost anywhere in the sea around Suðuroy, but of course it depends on the weather conditions. You can read more about Scorpion on the website www.scorpion.fo or you can contact Sigurð by calling +298 213359. Safety equipment is awailable on board. The weather is always an issue, when it comes to boat trips in the Faroe Islands.

RIB62 - Boat Trip along the West Coast or Rappelling on Norðbergseiði
RIB62 have a boat called Tornado, it is a fastgoing boat, which makes boat trips from Hvalbiareiði (also called Fiskieiði) west of Hvalba in the weekends. The trip goes along the west coast of Suðuroy north to the sea stack Ásmundarstakkur west of the northernmost village Sandvík. If you are a group, you can also make arrangements for trips elsewhere. It can also be from the east coast. The trip can be arranged with BBQ. Safety equipment is awailable on board. The weather is always an issue, when it comes to boat trips in the Faroe Islands. Rappelling is also an option in Hvalba and it can be combined with a boat trip with RIB62.  More info on their website: www.rib62.com or by phone +298 566262 (Sigmund) or regarding rappelling +298 237575 (Rúni).  

Excursion to Lítla Dímun - The smallest and only uninhibited island in the Faroes
The land in this lovely small island Lítli Dímun is owned by around 40 people from Hvalba and Sandvík. They have sheep on Litli Dimon and go there by boat a few times every year. A few years ago they started to arrange trips to the island for tourists. Mostly they arrange two excursions per. year, one in June and one in July. On the first excursion they usually stay the night there in a large tent, watching the sunset and the sunrise, which is almost at the same time, being the longest day of the year. The excursions may be cancelled or changed to another day due to the weather conditions. The "Lítli Dímun Group" has a website, which is unfortunately only is in Faroese:
www.ldimun.com . E-mail:   ldimun@ldimun.com

Hiking or Fishing in Fámjin
In Fámjin there is a lake called Kirkjuvatn. "Aktiv" by Arni Nielsen arranges hiking trips to Kirkjuvatn (The Lake of The Church), where you can fish, if you wish. The trip to Kirkjuvatn is a short trip which starts near the church in Fámjin and up the hill north of the village. It does not take long, and the nature is beautiful around Kirkjuvatn. You can also visit the church in Fámjin, where the first Faroese flag is hanging; Arni can arrange it and tell you the story of the Flag. For further information, please contact Arni Nielsen either by e-mail: aktiv@aktiv.fo or phone: +298 572929.

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