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Lopra, Lopranseiði and Westerbeek

Lopra is one of the villages in the Municipality of Sumba. 1st of September 2008 Lopra had 98 inhabitants. Lopranseiði and Lopransholmur are beautiful sights near Lopra. Turn left just before you enter the village, if you come from Vágur, and go by foot towards west. Be careful not to fall over the edge, when you come to Loprans Eiði. From Lopranseiði you can see Beinisvørð towards south and almost half of the west coast of Suðuroy.

How to find Lopra
Lopra is in the souther part of Suðuroy. Lopra is situated around Loprans fjord, which starts in Vágs fjord. Lopra is 7 km from Vágur, 2 km from Akrar and 6 km from Sumba. A tunnel goes from Lopra to Sumba, but you can also take the old road instead and enjoy the beautiful view from Hesturin towards Beinisvørð or the west coast of Suðuroy. You can also see all the way to Lítli Dímun and other islands, if the sky is clear.

Natural spring water
When the tunnel between Lopra and Sumba was built in the 1980'ies, a natural spring source was found. Today you can try this Faroese spring water in Lopra. You can find it in the harbor. It is not possible to buy it in small bottles, only in big bottles for institutions, schools etc. from Lisberg Water www.lisberg.fo

A Dutch ship named Westerbeek went shipwreck near Lopranseiði on the 2nd of September 1742. 80 men survived and 10 men lost their lives. Nearly all of the survivors had to live in the Faroe Islands for 9 months, before they could go back to Holland.

Erik Christensen took the photo of Lopra in snow and of Lopranseiði.
























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