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Welcome to Suðuroy

Suðuroy - Suduroy - The South Island

Info about events etc. in Suðuroy are to be found on the facebook pages of the Information centres:

Visit Suðuroy - Vágur

Visit Suðuroy - Tvøroyri

Cleft by deep fjords, Suðuroy is a most picturesque island that has much to offer the visitor - from historic Sandvík in the north to the beautiful, natural scenery of Sumba on the south. The two largest towns, Tvøroyri and Vágur, are situated on beautiful fjords surrounded by mountains. All of the island's towns and villages are linked by a network of modern roads, which offers easy access to a variety of fascinating landscapes.

The northernmost villages of Hvalba and Sandvík are connected by one of the oldest tunnels in the Faroe Islands. The tunnel between Trongisvágur and Hvalba is the oldest tunnel for cars in the Faroes. Hvalba, by the way, is the only place in the Faroe Islands where you can still find coal-mining operations. From either of these two villages, there is a magnificent view of Lítla Dímun, the only uninhabited island in the Faroes.

On the southernmost tip of Suðuroy is the village of Sumba, which is the birthplace of one of the best loved and perhaps most controversial poets in the Faroe Islands, Poul F. Joensen, known simply as Poul F. When travelling to and from Sumba by the mountains road, you will travel near the second-highest cliff in the Faroe Islands. Beinisvørð, towering at 469 m, is a haven for seabirds and is a veritable wonder to behold because of its singular beauty.

Upon Your arrival in Suðuroy, please stop by the tourist information office in Vágur or Tvøroyri. It would be our pleasure to help create the perfect itinerary just for you so that your stay will be a truly unforgettable experience. To help you better plan your visit, we can provide detailed information about the many interesting excursions that we offer and you are welcome to ask any question you might have. Both of the Touristinformations are in the local Townhalls.

Welcome to our website, we bring you information about everything you need to know about Suðuroy. If you have comments about this webpage, please feel free to write to us.

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Art exhibition
Art sxibition with Palle Julsgart a Danish/faroese artist.

Successful experiments with new fish pump
In connection with the increased level of mackerel fishing in the Faroe Islands this year, some fishing vessels have trialled a new type of fish pump, which allows them to pump fish more quickly from the trawl into the shipload. The purpose of this innovation is to increase the quality of the fish, and based on the results of the first period of trials, it appears that this is working very well.

Ólavsøka - National Day
Highlights from the program for Ólavsøka 2012 can be seen here in English

Great excursion opportunity Sunday the 3th of June 2012
When the weather is right it is possible to travel to Stóra Dímun from Torshavn.

Faroese evening at 62N airport hotel in Sørvágur
This summer there will be Faroese evening at 62N airport hotel Tuesday evening from pm. 18:00 to 21:00. Date of 26th June; 03.juli; ??10.juli; ??17 July and 24 July. Big faroese Buffet and exhibition of faroese dance

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The tourist information centre in Suðuroy - Vágsvegur 30 - FO-900 Vágur - tlf. +298 733090 - fax +298 733001 - infovagur.fo
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